A New Witness for God: History of the Mormon Church and the Book of Mormon

A New Witness for God is a three volume treatise by B. H. Roberts, one of the leaders in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, who wrote this work as a recapitulation of 75 years of the existence of “Mormonism” and “Mormon Church.” The author's purpose was to prove that the world was in need of a new God's witness, and that Joseph Smith, a great modern prophet, was that witness. Dividing the work in thesis he firstly proves that the world was in necessity of a New Witness; then moves on to the state of the Christian church and how it was destroyed and there was an apostasy from the Christian religion; third thesis deals with the Scriptures declaring that the Gospel will be restored to the Earth; final thesis suggest that Joseph Smith is the New Witness for God who re-established the Church of Jesus Christ on Earth. Following these theses is the study of the Book of Mormon.
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