Daisy Rose

Public Submission 1 – 6

This sizzling, fun-filled book bundle has Doms filling submissive women in wedding receptions, forests, dungeons, highways, and more!

In this anthology, you can find all six of the Public Submission series.

If you like your men hot, dominant, and determined to crumble every barrier in your body, then step right in for a hot, hot experience.


Excerpt from Public Submission 6: Lawyer

It took but a moment before he spoke again, but it felt like an age had past. “Take off your panties, little angel,” he said. “Or I'll stop the car right now.”

“You wouldn't!” I gasped, still fighting for air.

Secretly, I was turned on by the suggestion. He knew about my exhibitionist and voyeuristic tendencies, but had never made me do it before. “It's too risky!” I argued. “What if we get caught?”

I was going around in circles and he knew it. He did not appreciate it. He glared at me and I felt the car slow down as he turned to me.

The cars behind us honked and swore at us colorfully as they drove past.

“What're you doing? Rex! Please!” I begged. There was a familiar stir of primal desire coiled in my belly and a tightening between my legs that said, 'why not? Why not just do what my new husband wants? It's certainly easier and more fun.'

“Take off your panties,” he repeated, taking the car to an almost snail-like pace. He was slowly moving to the side of the road and I knew he wasn't bluffing.

I reached down my dress and shimmied out of my panties before he could stop the car completely.

“There,” I said triumphantly and he grinned.

“Very good, pet,” he said, using my pet name on me.

I knew it was going to get worse if he started using my pet name. He only ever called me that when he wanted a session with me. There's no way he wanted a session right now? In the middle of a highway?

The light shined brightly at us.

“Now, take off your dress.”
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