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Summary of Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant

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Imagine Having Complete Financial Freedom…
How does that feel?
To achieve complete financial freedom, it’s one simple formula.
Passive Income > Expenses.
However, have you ever heard of the phrase “Passive Income” in school?
No, right?
We did not fail school…
… school failed us.
If you’ve ever found yourself having too much month at the end of the money, this book is for you.
If you want to be good in math, study math.
If you want to be rich, study money.
Learn to be on the ‘right’ side of the cashflow quadrant or you’ll be ‘left’ out. *pun intended*
The Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki is first published in 2000. Since then, the concept has been spread widely throughout the world and it is regarded as one of the top finance books. It is not only a fun, but profitable read.

Here’s what you’ll discover…
--— Chapter 1: A Job is not the Answer
--— Chapter 3: Risk and Reward
--— Chapter 5: Which Investor Are You?
--— Chapter 7: Mindset Matters
--— Chapter 9: Own Debt, Don’t Owe It
--— Chapter 14: Investing 101
--— And so much more.

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