Lynn Scott

Black Star

THE BLACK STAR is the most recognizable symbol in the known universe, eliciting fanatical devotion in some and absolute terror in others. The Black Star is the symbol that represents a creature called The Unholy One who believes himself to be God of the universe. Any civilization who disagrees is destroyed, any survivors captured and used as food to feed his ravenous, ever growing Khepera army. The Khepera are a race of half-insect, half-human like creatures that not only worship The Unholy One, but have sworn to live or die at his command.
A small band of survivors from vastly different worlds join together to try and stop The Unholy One’s reign of terror. Their plan is to seek out an ancient civilization rumored to be so technologically advanced that they created living ships with weapons that could harness the power of the sun.
Unfortunately, The Unholy One has the same idea, intending to take the technology for himself. In a race against time, the survivors hope to find the ancient civilization first, praying they will join them defeat The Unholy One and banish the symbol of the Black Star and the evil it stands for forever.
386 printed pages
Original publication



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