Charlotte Day,Xavier Font,Ann Suwaree Ashton,Eric Brymer,Jeffrey Dale Hobbs,Liv Baker,Naphawan Chantradoan,Nicole Hausler,Nilakshi Galahitiyawe,Qingming Cui,Sarah Blaine,Saranphat Chotmanakul,Sumanth Bindumadhav,Susanna Curtin,Vivek Gurusamy

The Elephant Tourism Business

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Elephant tourism is a growing activity in many countries across Asia and Africa and is popular with tourists from all parts of the world. Elephant tourism has grown rapidly, providing the only viable way for elephants and their owners to survive since the banning of logging. Old logging camps have been developed into sanctuaries for some elephants, but many other camps were established as entertainment centres, resulting in serious welfare issues for the elephants and their mahouts. The profits from elephant tourism in Asia have encouraged African operators to follow a similar business model.

This book draws attention to the need for a comprehensive and rigorous focus on local solutions to improve the welfare of captive elephants, their mahouts and local residents, and to enhance tourists' experiences of elephant tourism. It achieves this by:

— Critically reviewing recent research into elephant tourism.
— Providing contemporary analytical case studies of elephant tourism policy and practice.

The Elephant Tourism Business will contribute to a better understanding of how elephant tourism is organised, regulated and promoted, both in elephant areas and tourist origin countries. It identifies priorities for future research into elephant tourism and provides a unique, authoritative resource for researchers, elephant managers and administrators, and tourism managers.

The book will be of interest to academics and practitioners with backgrounds in conservation, the environment, tourism and veterinary sciences, and will appeal to tourists keen to experience elephants in person.
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