Don Webb

A Velvet of Vampyres

A VELVET OF VAMPYRES: Tales of Horror, by Don Webb. It's a “murder” of crows and a “parliament” of owls. For bats, the genus is “velvet,” and hence also for vampires. We like the older spelling, the one John Polidori gave us when he alerted the world to their presence. They’re here--dominating our dreams, our fears, our media. But what if they aren't boy-band-pretty with diamond sparkly skin? What if they're more dangerous because they’re Desire herself? What if they're behind deep erotic urges AND the desire to write a poem? What if they live in the need to tear open a bright shiny Christams present AND the desire to drink hot red blood burning bright in the night? Seven great tales of the living undead by a Master of the Order of the Vampyre of the Temple of Set. Caveat lector!
73 printed pages
Original publication



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