Benjamin James

Candle Making 101 Guide: Essentials & Equipment for Beginners

Candle making can be a hobby for some people but what is better if you can make money from your hobby.

This ebook is a complete guide to create a candle business step by step.

Candle making is an easy business and you can create your own brand using this business.

This guide will teach you the basics of candle business, cost, expenses, naming, branding & marketing.

Whats included:

— How to start your business
— Mapping your business
— Expenses to start a business
— Checklist for candle business
— Prolonged costs
— How to make money from candle business in the long run — Naming your brand
— Different kinds of candles
— Step by step process to start your business
— How to generate profits continously?
— And much more!!!

If you want to start your own business then this guide is for you.

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