Brian Lennon,Timothy Kinahan

Does Christ Matter

This book is a dialogue between members of two Irish Churches.
Although their communities in N. Ireland are divided the authors have worked together for over 40 years on issues of theology, conflict, reconciliation and the relevance of Christ in a pluralist society.
The book starts with a fresh look at Christ's life and teaching in the Gospels, asking critically about its relevance to today's world. With this as a base they then engage in a critique of their own churches against the standard set by the Gospels: that Christian churches should reflect the love of the Three persons in God for God and for all human beings.
They ask and suggest answers to the question why Churches are relevant to tough questions of conflict, politics and social issues.
The book is of particular relevance to people who no longer accept soft theologies that ignore tough questions about the existence of God, or who can find no connections between churches and their own search for meaning, individually and communally.
The book is written in popular language, but draws on a wealth of diverse experience and learning.
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