12 Tennis Secrets to Win More, Joseph Correa
Joseph Correa

12 Tennis Secrets to Win More

18 printed pages
This book will teach you important concepts that most people have never heard of or have forgotten. You will learn to compete better and perform to your maximum level. It comes with 5 bonus tennis tips.
Created by a professional tennis player and coach with more than 10 years of experience!

Learning from the pros and learn what they do before, during, and after competition can change the way you view tennis and competition. If you want to win more tennis matches and tournaments, you need to buy this book and memorize the ideas within.

Tennis is all about preparation and that's you will learn besides other very important tips and tricks to help you overcome tough competitors.
You will learn: What you should be doing before your match.
The best way to approach a win.
– The best way to overcome a loss and how to win after that.
What the best players in the world are doing to warm up before their matches.
Why some players can't handle match pressure situations and what you can do to overcome it.
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