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Nathan Goodman

Protocol One

«I have read every David Baldacci, Lee Child, Vince Flynn, and Brad Thor but I just finished Protocol One and none of those thrillers had me in a state of suspense like this.»

From USA Today Bestselling Author Nathan Goodman
The first casualty of terror is innocence
When Jana Baker first landed the internship of a lifetime, she never imagined walking into a pit of terrorists. But when a secretive federal agent approaches her, she learns the truth and has no choice but to infiltrate their plot. As Agent Stone tries to protect her, Jana pushes past the outer edges of peril only to find herself clinging for life.

Protocol One is the first book in Nathan Goodman's bestselling Special Agent Jana Baker Spy-Thriller Series and features high-adrenaline suspense, surprising plot twists, and an unstoppable female heroine. Each book may be read standalone, in any order.

The Special Agent Jana Baker Spy-Thriller Series:

Book 1: Protocol One

Book 2: The Fourteenth Protocol

Book 3: Protocol 15

Book 4: Breach of Protocol

Book 5: Rendition Protocol

Peyton Phoenix Thrillers:

Book 1: Phoenix Fatale

Pick up a copy today and find the series that over 100,000 readers have already discovered.

“Now this is the way to write a thriller!”

“Like David Baldacci, Vince Flynn, and Brad Thor wrapped into one.”

“Undoubtedly one of the best spy thrillers I've read in years….fast paced, unrelenting!”

“This will be a best selling terrorist spy thriller in 2018.”

“…makes my top list of espionage thriller books to read.”

“Has New York Times bestseller list 2018 written all over it.”

“I ended up falling in love with the main characters…”

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