Aggil Loupescou

The 21 Paths to Happiness

Happiness is you decision. Dare to make the first step on the paths that lead to it…

The pursuit of happiness is an existential necessity, which is fulfilled only through society.

The 21 paths of happiness is 21 ways and examples to be happy.

The 21 paths say yes to life and give hope for a better tomorrow.

The hopeful voice you must hear. Win the knowledge that leads to happiness. Conquer the harmony of your inner and outer world. Learn to experience life positively to feel fullness and satisfaction. This is the happiness you are seeking for. The 21 paths presented in this book consist of 21 keywords that are analyzed based on the teachings of contemporary psychology to function as basic principles which can assist the reader to pursue a personal path to happiness. Read the 21 paths of happiness and give copies to those you love.

About the Author

Aggil Loupescou is a psychologist, clinical hypnotherapist (National Guild of Hypnotists, USA) and life councelor. She is known worldwide for her two new methods of therapeutic hypnosis: intuitive hypnosis through which she locates and identifies future diseases as well as details about the lives of third parties; regression to past lives through which she proved that the psychosomatic pathology of a person can be due to facts acted out in one of his past lives. She has offices in Cyprus and since 2012, in London, UK.
105 printed pages
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