Dora's Gate, Skye Hunter
Skye Hunter

Dora's Gate

Among the stars, there is an ancient, advanced race called the Ja-dorean. Humanoid in form, the Ja-dorean evolutionary path has taken a tragic turn, and the race is slowly dying out. Its only hope lies in “blending” with another humanoid race, however primitive.

Darcene-el-dor, a Seer, of the Ja-dorean, has predicted that one of many humanoid races could be the chosen one; so twelve seedbase worlds are set up to determine the most successful blending from among the chosen races deemed closest to the Ja-dorean. Unknown to its inhabitants, Earth becomes one of the source worlds chosen to compete for the blending.

In Washington, D.C., a resourceful computer hacker, Scott Haskels, has found a connection between missing persons and a country inn in North Carolina called, Dora’s Gate. From this discovery, Scott is taken on a roller-coaster ride of events, out among the stars, which will determine the future of the Ja-doreans and the ultimate destiny of the human race.
363 printed pages
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