Michael Hart

Secrets of Video Game Consoles

Did you know the Nintendo Wii had a medical condition named after it? Or that the Sega Saturn almost had the Nintendo 64's graphics chip? Did you realize the Atari Jaguar contained five different processors? Are you aware that a fake website about beekeeping was used to promote an Xbox game? Learn about all of this and more in this unique trivia book about the history of video game consoles that gives you the complete stories in detail!
These facts cover a wide range of subjects, such as which console introduced certain technology and features, esoteric hardware oddities, marketing fails and successes, stories behind key games, how certain indispensable people shaped the whole industry, development history, court cases, peculiar events, weird relationships between companies and technical explanations. Plenty of these would be obscure facts that you may not know, but even if you are familiar with them, do you know the full story? 31 video game consoles stretching from 1972 to 2017 are covered, containing more than 235 in-depth facts, numerous other pieces of trivia and over 350 images to create a single package unlike any other that gamers of all ages will find interesting!
If you want to fill your head with plenty of knowledge about your favorite video game consoles to amaze your friends with, then this book is for you!
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