Johan Wolfgang Von Goethe

The Collected Works of J. W. Goethe

DigiCat presents the Goethe Collection, compiled of the greatest classics of world literature. This is a one-stop edition for all the novels, tales, plays, essays, autobiographical works and letters of your favourite German author. This edition includes: Introduction: Life of Johann Wolfgang Goethe Novels & Novellas: The Sorrows of Young Werther Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship Wilhelm Meister's Journeyman Years Elective Affinities The Good Women Novella; or, A Tale The Recreations of the German Emigrants — Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily (A Fairy Tale) Plays The Wayward Lover; or, The Lover's Caprice Goetz Von Berlichingen with the Iron Hand Clavigo Stella Brother and Sister Iphigenia in Tauris Egmont Faust — Faust (Part One) — Faust (Part Two) — Faustus (Translated by Samuel Taylor Coleridge) Torquato Tasso The Natural Daughter The Fellow Culprits Poetry Hermann and Dorothea Erotica Romana Reynard the Fox The Sorcerer's Apprentice Songs Familiar Songs Ballads Cantatas Odes Sonnets Epigrams Parables Art God, Soul, and World Religion and Church Antiques Venetian Epigrams Elegies West-Eastern Divan Songs from Various Plays Miscellaneous Poems Personal Writings & Letters Truth and Poetry: From My Own Life (Autobiography) Maxims and Reflections Letters from Italy (Italian Journey) Letters from Switzerland Letter to Zelter Correspondence with Wilhelm Von Humboldt and His Wife Correspondence with K. F. Zelter Eckermann's Conversations with Goethe Schiller-Goethe Correspondence Scientific & Literary Writings: Theory of Colours Shakespeare and Again Shakespeare Oration on Wieland Winckelmann and His Age Introduction to the Propyläen Criticism on Goethe & His Works: Goethe: The Writer (Ralph Waldo Emerson) Byron and Goethe (Giuseppe Mazzini) The Faust-Legend and Goethe's 'Faust' (H. B. Cotterill) Goethe's Faust (George Santayana) Goethe's Farbenlehre: Theory of Colors (I&II) (John Tyndall)
6,243 printed pages
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