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Lisa Kleypas

Devil's Daughter

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  • Anna Dobrovolskayahas quoted4 years ago
    “Looks are irrelevant. It’s the inner man that counts.”

    Laughter threaded through Merritt’s voice. “I suppose you’re right. But the inner Mr. Ravenel happens to be quite beautifully packaged.”
  • Sofiahas quoted3 years ago
    I’ve been in your shoes. You’re afraid, but you’re not a coward. Stand up to this. Stop running.
  • Sofiahas quoted3 years ago
    West Ravenel, on the other hand, had been raised with few constraints, with the result that he spoke and acted more freely than another man of his class would. He was a full-blooded, unpredictable male: part hero, part scoundrel.
  • Sofiahas quoted3 years ago
    “Every time she enters the room, we can all hear your heart beating.”

    West felt his color heighten. “Bugger off.”
  • Sofiahas quoted3 years ago
    “Mr. Ravenel—”

    “Brace yourself.”

    Phoebe’s jaw slackened in astonishment. He had to be teasing. He couldn’t be serious . . . could he?

    There was a gleam of laughter in his eyes as he saw her expression. But then one of his arms slid securely around her back. Oh, God, he meant it; he was really going to kiss her. A rush of confusion and excitement made her dizzy.
  • Sofiahas quoted3 years ago
    Belonging nowhere was almost like belonging everywhere.
  • Sofiahas quoted3 years ago
    “My candle burns at both ends,

    It will not last the night;

    But ah, my foes and oh, my friends—

    It gives a lovely light.”
  • Gitte Skaanning Nielsenhas quoted4 years ago
    eyes. He was standing too close to her
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