Denis Casarsa

Entheosonic Whistling Vessels: An Investigation Into Pre-Colombian Civilizations, Sound, Shamanism and Unity Nature

Entheosonic Whistling Vessels are transformation tools using the inherent power of sound to unlock our creative powers. The universal and sacred language of sounds produced by the vessels are used as a doorway to synchronize acoustic resonance with Gaia, our mother Earth.

The vessels produce “phantom tones” or “beat frequencies” inducing shamanic sound ecstasy to tune our manifestation with the planetary consciousness and to reveal our most inner potential. This book and the entheosonic experiences induced with the whistling vessels are fascinating!

The author embarks you on a journey of discovery of this spiritual technology of sound revealing unfathomed depths of ancient human knowledge. From the graves of pre-Colombian high dignitaries and priests, to the re-discoveries in the 60's of the vessels, accounts of the whistles experiences and scientific studies, the author explores hidden knowledge of alchemy, Hermetism and magic to reveal our most innate nature, that of our essential unity, non-discernable through words alone.

Denis Casarsa's book, “Entheosonic Whistling Vessels: An investigation into pre-Colombian Civilizations, Sound, Shamanism, and Unity Nature” endeavors to make these remarkable instruments known, so that others may likewise attain that hidden knowledge and consciousness they can offer for a greater well-being in the world today.
185 printed pages
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Denis Casarsa


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