Emma Tennant

Confessions of a Sugar Mummy

What do older women want? And older than what, anyway? Love, flattery, an end to baby-sitting, a night out without falling asleep? Or the very last chance of gratifying desire, of finding a soul-mate – even if it means paying over the odds…?Confessions of a Sugar Mummy provides the hilarious answer to the most pressing questions for women who have reached a certain age: am I past it? Why is the pursuit of happiness an acceptable goal for all members of the human race except Old Bags?Money, as so often, turns out to be the solution. And when a sixty-something with frankly limited prospects, finds her flat is worth a fortune, she jumps at the chance of entering the world of property with the glamorous younger Frenchman, Alain.Until, to her horror, she realises she can't turn back until the final question is answered: can money buy me love?
133 printed pages


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