Emily Larkin

Lady Isabella’s Ogre

She’s one of London’s beauties … he’s London’s ogre.

Lady Isabella Knox enjoys her independence. She collects strays—dogs, kittens, runaway brides—but she has no intention of collecting a husband.

Major Nicholas Reynolds returned from the Battle of Waterloo a hero. He’s had enough of soldiering; all he wants now is a bride … but his scarred face sends young ladies fleeing.

When a slip of her tongue brands the major an ogre, his chances of marriage disintegrate. Determined to put things to rights, Isabella sets out to revive the major’s marriage prospects. How better than for the two of them to indulge in a make-believe flirtation? They both know it’s not real, so where’s the danger?

But Isabella is soon in over her head—and so is Major Reynolds.

An entertaining and delightfully heartwarming Regency romance from award-winning and USA Today bestselling author Emily Larkin.

Length: Full-length novel of 71,000 words

Heat level: A Regency romance with a mildly sensual love scene

If you love page-turning historical romances brimming with emotion, humor, and captivating characters, then this is the novel for you!
291 printed pages
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Emily Larkin
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