Bertrand W.Sinclair

The Hidden Places (Historical Novel)

When the bruised and deeply disfigured Hollister returns from the war, nothing remains of his previous life as he knew it. He was officially declared dead, prompting his wife to remarry and leave. While sinking into an all-consuming depression, he decides to spend his solitary life in the jungle. However, fate has something else in store for him in form of a neighbour. What will happen to Hollister now? What next turn would his life take now? Keep reading!
“Hollister stood in the middle of his room, staring at the door without seeing the door, without seeing the bulky shadow his body cast on the wall in the pale glow of a single droplight. He was seeing everything and seeing nothing; acutely, quiveringly conscious and yet oblivious to his surroundings by reason of the poignancy of his thought. A feeling not far short of terror had folded itself about him like a shrouding fog. It had not seized him unaware. For weeks he had seen it looming over him, and he had schooled himself to disregard a great deal which his perception was too acute to misunderstand. He had struggled desperately against the unescapable, recognizing certain significant facts and in the same breath denying their accumulated force in sheer self-defense…”
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