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Boost.Asio C++ Network Programming Cookbook

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Over 25 hands-on recipes to create robust and highly-efficient cross-platform distributed applications with the Boost.Asio library
About This BookBuild highly efficient distributed applications with easeEnhance your cross-platform network programming skills with one of the most reputable C++ librariesFind solutions to real-world problems related to network programming with ready-to-use recipes using this detailed and practical handbookWho This Book Is ForIf you want to enhance your C++ network programming skills using the Boost.Asio library and understand the theory behind development of distributed applications, this book is just what you need. The prerequisite for this book is experience with general C++11. To get the most from the book and comprehend advanced topics, you will need some background experience in multithreading.
What You Will LearnBoost your working knowledge of one of the most reputable C++ networking libraries—Boost.AsioFamiliarize yourself with the basics of TCP and UDP protocolsCreate scalable and highly-efficient client and server applicationsUnderstand the theory behind development of distributed applicationsIncrease the security of your distributed applications by adding SSL supportImplement a HTTP client easilyUse iostreams, scatter-gather buffers, and timersIn DetailStarting with recipes demonstrating the execution of basic Boost.Asio operations, the book goes on to provide ready-to-use implementations of client and server applications from simple synchronous ones to powerful multithreaded scalable solutions. Finally, you are presented with advanced topics such as implementing a chat application, implementing an HTTP client, and adding SSL support. All the samples presented in the book are ready to be used in real projects just out of the box.
As well as excellent practical examples, the book also includes extended supportive theoretical material on distributed application design and construction.
Style and approachThis book is a set of recipes, each containing the statement and description of a particular practical problem followed by code sample providing the solution to the problem and detailed step-by-step explanation. Recipes are grouped by topic into chapters and ordered by the level of complexity from basic to advanced.
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