Derek O'Neill


When we marry, or become a life partner, we enter an incredibly close and valued relationship, full of joy and potential. When challenges arise, it’s important not to lose sight of what brought you together and how your emotions have affected the relationship over time. If the marriage ends in divorce, you have not failed. Rather you’ve grown and learned. Love changes, yet we can move through a breakup with a loving intention for ourselves, our former partner, and the aftermath of the relationship.
LOVE/DIVORCE: Soulmate or Cellmate, part of the GET A GRIP series, looks at the nature of partnerships, how love begins with you, the normal challenges we face in relationships, and how to move through a breakup or divorce with as much understanding, grace and love as possible. In this concise pocket-sized book, you’ll find nuggets of wisdom and practical tools to apply to your journey of healing and renewal.
36 printed pages
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    Wafaa Bousaidhas quoted2 years ago
    Accepting love is something you can only truly do when you know that you are perfect as you are.
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