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Laura Lee Hope

The Moving Picture Girls

Ruth and Alice DeVere and their father Hosmer DeVere struggle to make ends meet while Mr. DeVere seeks another theactrical engagement. The family celebrates after Mr. DeVere finally wins a leading role in an upcoming play. Just as the opening day approaches, Mr. DeVere's old voice affliction suddenly returns, rendering him extremely hoarse. Despite voice rest and medical treatment, Mr. DeVere's voice fails to improve, and he loses his role in the play. Mr. DeVere desperately searches for work to no avail.

Ruth and Alice's friend Russ suggests that Mr. DeVere come work as an actor in the moving pictures, but Mr. DeVere considers the moving pictures to be vulgar and cheap. It is only after the family is served with an eviction notice and after the grocer and butcher refuse all future deliveries to the family that Mr. DeVere gives in to the inevitable and accepts work in the moving pictures.
162 printed pages
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