Ryo Shirakome

Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest: Volume 9

Having finally found a way home, Hajime and his party head to the final labyrinth--the Frost Caverns. There, in that frigid land, the party seeks out the last ancient magic they'll need to go back to Earth. Upon entering the caverns, a maze of ice and an ever-present sinister whispering chips away at their concentration. As they proceed through it, the party is split up. Separated from the others, Shizuku is forced to fight a copy of herself. Will she be able to overcome this trial and surpass her limits?
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    But Hajime had decided to accept his feelings. Never would he feel guilty about what he thought of Yue. In fact, if the day ever came that his fear of being rejected overwhelmed him, he was confident he could tell Yue to her face that he wanted to cling to her for safety. He knew better than anyone that he was far from perfect. But he also knew that he could always rely on his beloved partner to make up for the things he lacked and to help him overcome the worst parts of himself. Because he trusted Yue completely, he could ask her for anything.
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