Mike Resnick

The Widowmaker Series Volume One

In one volume: the first two books featuring bounty hunter extraordinaire Jefferson Nighthawk, from the multiple Hugo Award-winning author.
When one man known for his killing skills is cloned, the galaxy’s bad guys are put on high alert, in this series from the author praised as “thought-provoking, imaginative . . . and above all galactically grand” by the Los Angeles Times.
The Widowmaker
The governor of Solio II has been assassinated—and the hunt for his killer is on. No one is better for the job than bounty hunter Jefferson Nighthawk, a.k.a. the Widowmaker. It doesn’t even matter that he’s been cryogenically frozen for more than a century. His clone can handle the mission—or can he?
The Widowmaker Reborn
This isn’t the first time Nighthawk has been duplicated, but lessons have been learned. Cloned at the peak of his physical and mental prowess, this version must rescue the kidnapped daughter of a powerful politician and kill her revolutionary captor. But first there is some unfinished business to take care of . . .
Praise for Mike Resnick
“Nobody spins a yarn better than Mike Resnick. Best of all, when the story’s over, you find that he’s left something in your memory for you to draw on again and again: a clearer understanding of how nobility emerges from the struggles of life.” —Orson Scott Card, New York Times–bestselling author of Ender’s Game
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