Right Way to Think, Director Camilet Cooray
Director Camilet Cooray

Right Way to Think

Vera Peiffer’s thoroughly practical and no-nonsense bestseller, which has already helped thousands regain their lust for life.
Many things can zap self confidence and your natural lust for life… strains at work, juggling work and children, juggling work, children and a social life. If you’re yelling ‘what social life?’ and are feeling stressed by all your commitments, this book is for you.
These complaints are all too common in today's world of uncertainty and tension, and it's time we learned to take responsibility for ourselves.
Vera Peiffer's no-nonsense and thoroughly practical bestseller Positive Thinking has already helped thousands to take control of their own lives. You too can discover that there really are no limits to what you can achieve. In her characteristic punchy style, Vera Peiffer shows you how to:
set up a personal success programme
• overcome stress at work and home
• make new friends and be a more loving and responsive spouse
• pinpoint how stress, worry and other confidence zappers develop
• tackle the symptoms of an unhealthy lifestyle
• mobilize your subconscious through self-hypnosis and visualization
231 printed pages
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