Quotes from “Read Bottom Up” by Neel Shah,Skye Chatham

if this relationship is happening in isolation, it’s going to be pretty easy to throw it away without consequence.
I still don’t get why you feel the need to have friendly relations with a girl who has basically just existed to make your life miserable for the past year, but you do you, buddy.
Girl likes boy; boy thinks she hates him, but it turns out this is her way of expressing affection and now they’re married.
I forgot how nice it is hanging out with girls over the age of 25. They’re, like, fully-formed humans.
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But you want to know the A #1 reason I think it’s going to work out?
She hasn’t forwarded me a single email of his.
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It’s like, not only are you about to screw me over, but you are going to make me hold your hand and guide you.
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He told me he wasn’t ready for a serious relationship and things hadn’t been great and that I “deserved better” and I was all fuck you for telling me what I “deserve.” I know what I deserve. And he said that he “didn’t want to waste my time.” I feel like that’s what you tell someone after a month, two tops. You don’t get to think you’re doing the right thing if you rob a bank and then confess 50 years later. That doesn’t make you a good person. Obviously he’s been feeling that he didn’t want to do the basics of having a girlfriend for a really long time and was too chicken to say anything. And when I say basics, you know I mean basic. Like expecting someone to text you within 24 hours after you text them is not “demanding.” Whatever.
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sometimes, when a man and a woman like each other very much . . . they make an ill-defined mess.
Banner weekend, chef.
Oh my god, now this woman is trying to foist “blackout window curtain liners” on me
That pretty much reads “relationship” to me.
most of the people there, other than whatever random chicks David and Eric wrangle this week.
looks like they run at hour intervals between Grand Central and the sticks.
which would put us on a highway at 4:45 at the earliest.
I’m off and I was planning on spending it getting stoned and seeing if “Encino Man”
as bad as I remember. Care to join? Lemme know and I’ll see if I can find the retainer.
drowned in that thing when I was 15.
m sure I’d look like a milkmaid in it now . . .
Pretty sure she just works off commission and smells blood in the water.
Did I just back him into an “us” talk?
Drag & drop your files (not more than 5 at once)