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The Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy is a comprehensive guide for would-be, expectant and new mothers. It provides precise and accurate information on all aspects of pregnancy and childbirth from the celebrated physicians at the renowned and reputable Mayo Clinic.

The information is arranged in four sections for easy reference, depending on the stage of pregnancy, be it pre-conception; first, second or third trimesters; childbirth; or the first days as a new parent.

Part 1: Pregnancy, Childbirth and Your Newborn

The first section of the book provides information concerning the basics of bringing new life into the world. It offers a week-by-week insight into how a baby develops as well as clear and compassionate guidance to help women cope with the physical and emotional changes they can expect as the pregnancy progresses. It also gives comprehensive information on labor and childbirth as well as newborn and postpartum care.

This section is divided into convenient chapters. The first chapter discusses effective preparation for a successful pregnancy, covering such topics as nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, medication, work and pregnancy timing.

The next ten chapters detail the baby's development, changes in the mother's body and emotions, medical appointments, and clear guidance as to what to expect and when. These chapters are organized into three week periods for an on-going view of the progression of a normal pregnancy.

The chapter on labor and childbirth includes making final preparations, how your body prepares for labor, the time to go to hospital, and stages of labor and childbirth. There's also a useful section for prospective labor coaches that explains exactly what they need to be doing to best support the laboring mother.

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