7 Minutes Motivation: The Book (Lite Edition), Samer Chidiac
Samer Chidiac

7 Minutes Motivation: The Book (Lite Edition)

54 printed pages
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7 Minutes Motivation is an untraditionally simple book aiming at bringing motivating and inspiring information, stories & quotes to bright up your week in an easy & relaxing way. What defines this book is that each chapter can be read within 7 minutes only and leaves an impact that would last for weeks.

(The Lite Edition includes 8 Full Chapters from the 17 Chapters in the Full Edition)
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b8634204936shared an impression4 years ago
💡Learnt A Lot

Nice book

Kenan Mehdiyev
Kenan Mehdiyevshared an impression11 days ago
👍Worth reading

Nassha Abu Bakar
Nassha Abu Bakarshared an impression2 years ago
💞Loved Up

NDhas quoted3 years ago
Value yourself for your skills so people start giving you the credit you deserve.
sanjalicadreamerhas quoted2 days ago
The price of anything is the amount of


You exchange for it.

~Henry David Thoreau
Kenan Mehdiyev
Kenan Mehdiyevhas quoted11 days ago
Imagine one day you see a person you know wearing a new watch. You comment it for being new. The person thanks you and continues to say that it’s worth 150,000$.
Your notice for the watch goes from a passing interest into a real attention and admiration, because you now know its true value.
The BIG remark here is that you only appreciated the watch when the owner gave it value.
So, value yourself and only then will others truly value you.
, Bala Wiki
Bala Wiki
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vicky, Vicky Gemini
Vicky Gemini
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Хочу прочитать, Деля Камалеева
Деля Камалеева
Хочу прочитать
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Katrine, Katrine Juul Jensen
Katrine Juul Jensen
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Skills, agsusianto
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