Jan Moran

Coral Holiday

A heartwarming holiday special in Summer Beach.

*A USA Today Bestselling Series*

Marina Moore's new Coral Cafe is a favorite of locals and visitors alike. When her sister Kai throws her energy into creating a Summer Beach performing arts theater, the entire family gets involved. Soon they are in a race to open by the holiday season.

As former investigative journalist, Jack Ventana struggles to adapt to his new role as a single father in a small beach town, his relationship with Marina suffers. Will this holiday bring them together or force them apart? Join Marina and Kai as they involve the entire Summer Beach community in fundraising and casting a new holiday show to celebrate the joy of the Christmas and winter holidays. Relax at the Coral Cottage beach house any time of year with a group of family and friends you'll love.

From USA Today bestselling author Jan Moran, Coral Holiday is the third novel in the Summer Beach: Coral Cottage series. Available in ebooks, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook editions.
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