El El Greco: 101 Paintings, Maria Tsaneva
Maria Tsaneva

El El Greco: 101 Paintings

145 printed pages
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This Art Book representing 101 annotated reproductions of selected paintings from El Greco.
El Greco (born Doménikos Theotokópoulos) was a painter, sculptor and architect of the Spanish Renaissance. He is one of the not many old masters who benefit from extensive fame. Like few others, he was rediscovered from darkness by an enthusiastic faction of 19-century collectors and critics, and became one of the chosen members of the contemporary pantheon of great artists. For many later admirers, El Greco was both the archetypal Spaniard and a intellectual artist of the spirit. It was as a master who “felt the spiritual inner creation”.
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From Venice, El Greco moved to Rome, where he worked from 1570 to 1576. He arrived with a letter of recommendation from the Croatian miniaturist Giulio Clovio, who secured him quarters in the palace of Cardinal Alessandro Farnese—perhaps the most influential and wealthy patron in all of Rome. In 1572, he joined the painter's academy and he set up shop, taking on at least one assistant, and possibly two. His intention must have been to pursue a Roman career, but after six years he had not received a single commission for an altarpiece; his reputation was based on occasional commissions for portraits and small-scale devotional paintings. El Greco had ill-advisedly criticized Michelangelo's abilities as a painter, an opinion that generated little confidence in his abilities and may have served to ostracize him from the Roman art
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