Marianne K. Martin


Mirrors is a very fine novel, well worth your time and treasure.”—The Bay Area Reporter“Marianne Martin is a wonderful story teller and a graceful writer.”—Ann Bannon“This is a novel of discovery that reaches into the deeply personal and well beyond. … Marianne Martin achieves new heights with this lovingly researched and intelligent novel.”—Katherine V. ForrestThey both have dedication. Passion. Commitment. No wonder Jean and Shayna are best friends. Jean Carson is a teacher, striving to make a difference to her students. Shayna Bradley is an attorney, determined to help lesbian mothers keep their kids. Shayna has her life under control, has things just how she likes it: her own law practice and a girlfriend and, always, her best friend Jean. For Jean, it’s different. There’s always Shayna. There are her students too but there’s also a husband, and he’s anxious for kids. She’s made excuses, but she knows it isn’t fair. She’s short-changing him, and she’s short-changing herself. She must find the strength to leave. And then she must find the courage to face facts: Shayna is more than a friend. It’s a new reality, and one that catches both women unawares. And when the school board learns of Jean’s “situation,” suddenly Jean and Shayna face greater risks to their happiness and their dreams than they ever anticipated. Dedication. Passion. Commitment. They may not be enough.Mirrors was shortlisted for a Lambda Literary Award when it was first published in 2001.
182 printed pages
Original publication
Bywater Books

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