Vince P Hennessy

King Kronos

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Seemingly a villainous man, Dr. Kronos Nephus has his life made out for him. Between endless riches, a thriving company, the highest I.Q. ever, a concerned caretaker, and a castle to call home, there is nothing he can't do. Kronos takes this to heart when he creates the ability to manipulate any atom. Using his knowledge and creations, Kronos can essentially bend reality to his will, but his plans for the future are ruined when his latest experiment causes an unknown sickness to plague his body, and he soon faces an inevitable death looming in the future. His memories of the past few months gone, and his plans for the future lost, Kronos seeks a permanent cure to his sickness as he struggles to understand what he had been planning. Fearful of an unknown future and threat that his past-self had been trying to prevent, Kronos decides to hunt down unique individuals in an attempt to become the most powerful human on the planet, and capable of preventing the dangers of the future. The individuals are not fairytale or cosmic beings, but people who have bent science and technology to their will, becoming more than human. Along with his caretaker, Kronos embarks on a quest to dig up these people who have hidden themselves from the world, fighting and befriending people capable of manipulating science in ways that most have always imagined to be fictional theories. All while digging up an even darker secret along the way.
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