White Knight Black Night, Catherine Carson
Catherine Carson

White Knight Black Night

Kali Pearce is employed by Hunter Graphics as an encryption coder for the games the company produce but following an unfortunate misunderstanding finds she has become a domestic help for the promotional weekend held at the home of Florence Weston, the grandmother of Dominic Hunter…the CEO of the company.
During her time with the company Kali has come to think of Dominic as the White Knight and his PA, Mark Reynolds the Black Knight, because of their contrasting appearance. Dominic has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes and Mark is raven black with eyes to match.
Over the course of the weekend Kali finds she is drawn to both men and enters a liaison with Mark in order to make the aloof, unfeeling Dominic open his closed heart.
In their efforts to help Dominic things become complicated between Kali and Mark and she decides on a new course for her life.
Starting a new career which opens new horizons for her Kali meets a new friend, Bernie Ridge, before being once again thrown into contact with the Knights.
294 printed pages
Original publication


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