ID Johnson

My Life As a Teenage Vampire Hunter

Sometimes following your dreams isn't all it's cracked up to be.When I decided I'd stop at nothing to become a vampire hunter, I got myself into trouble. Big trouble.Now, I'll never be the vampire hunter I wanted to be, and I'll never be exactly what I was before.There's a dangerous vampire on the loose, and I'm the only one who can stop him. But since I've already broken my sister's trust, how can I prove to her that I'm more than just her little sister?I'm a weapon.We both know there's no one else in the world like me, but I'll have to convince her she can count on me. And that's going to be a problem. Because we both know following directions is no longer my strong suit.Will I be able to stick to my training long enough to prove myself to the team, or will the vampire continue his destruction indefinitely?My name is Cassidy Findley, and this is my life as a teenage vampire hunter.The Chronicles of Cassidy is a retelling of The Clandestine Saga from the perspective of high school student Cassidy Findley specifically for middle grade and high school students.
299 printed pages
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ID Johnson



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