Exposing the Abusive Female, Kimberly C.Taylor
Kimberly C.Taylor

Exposing the Abusive Female

118 printed pages
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Exposing the Abusive Female is a fascinating look into the lives of men who have been abused by women. These successful businessmen and professional athletes tell their personal story anonymously about the shame they experienced at the hands of their girlfriends and wives. Kimberly C. Taylor, President of the Alliance for Family Wellness and longtime advocate against intimate partner abuse and child abuse gives warning signs for men on the women they are dating or with and exposes what happens when women become abusive.
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Sergey Bondarev
Sergey Bondarevshared an impression2 years ago

Единственная книга в букмейте, рассказывающая об абьюзе мужчины женщиной и поясняющая, без какого-либо снисхождения, психологию женщин-абьюзеров. Рекомендую.

The abused man is in a “constant state of failure” with no encouragement or loving words from his abuser. Jeff said he felt beat down constantly by the words of his wife who never appreciated or encouraged him. Most of the men I have interviewed have said the same thing. The message they received, whether spoken or unspoken, was that they would never measure up and are just not good enough. Men in this predicament get the message that they never get anything right, and without their partner, they are nothing. These unrealistic expectations are expressed abusively in angry, harsh words and some abusers do this intentionally, while some do not realize they are doing it.
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