Steve Chambers,Jean Orloff-Tierney,Morgan Christopher Hudson,Marcus T. Ryan

Emotional Intelligence Ultimate Mastery: 4 Books in 1

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Do You Want to boost your Emotional Intelligence this year to build self-awareness and achieve personal growth? If so, read on…

This Book Set includes:

1. Empath Self-Discovery: Simple Strategies on How to Help Nurture your Highly Sensitive Self for Emotional Healing and Personal Growth

2. Enneagram Self-Discovery: Easy-to-Follow Essential Guide on How to Uncover your Unique Path with the 9 Enneagram Personality Types to Build Self-Awareness and Achieve Personal Growth

3. How to Analyze People Effectively: Learn to Read People's Intentions at Work & In Relationships through Body Language to Boost your People Skills & Achieve Success

4. Stoicism for Beginners: How to Apply Ancient Stoic Wisdom Today using Practical and Simple Steps to Overcome Obstacles, Attain Contentment and Live a Better Life

Studies have been showing for the last decade that emotional intelligence may be the single most important factor in predicting future achievement. The key is to have a comprehensive guide to improve help improve one's emotional intelligence.

In this ultimate step-by-step book set guide, “Emotional Intelligence Ultimate Mastery: 4 Books in 1: Beginner's Guide to Learn Empath, Enneagram, How to Analyze People & Stoicism strategies for Self-Awareness & Personal Growth”, you will discover:

— The different Emotional Intelligence strategies — and how it will benefit your life

— Empath traits and how to best develop them

— Applying Empath traits to your Daily Activities

— How Empaths can succeed in their relationships

— Coping Strategies for Empaths

— How to protect yourself from unwanted emotions

— How to uncover your unique path with the 9 Enneagram Personality Types

— How to use the Enneagram to best leverage your traits for personal growth

— The importance of developing the skill of analyzing people through their body language in order to avoid miscommunication and develop better relationships

— How an ancient philosophy can be applied today to help solve personal issues and manage emotions

— Ways on how Stoicism can solve 4 of the most common negative emotions

— A powerful proven method to help you focus on the present moment that frees you from worry and anxiety

— Strategies on how Stoicism can help you thrive in a stressful environment

Added BONUS:
— Includes 3 Bonus Chapters: "Dealing with the Media", "How to Apply Personality Types to Relationships" and "Stoicism and Mindfulness"

With easy-to-follow techniques and step-by-step details on each chapter to provide you in getting results — even if you have never tried any Emotional Intelligence solution before or are still a beginner when it comes to Empathy, Enneagram, Stoicism or analyzing others, you will find actionable strategies in this book set that are both simple and practical to help you reach your goals.

So if you want to successfully improve your Emotional Intelligence for improved self-awareness and personal growth this year, simply click on the “Buy Now” button now to get started.
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