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    Cosmic Ordering Sequences

    It is really possible to place an order with the universe. Cosmic ordering works. You have just to speak its language. It is based on the magic of asking. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Asking is the first step in the manifestation process. Ask clearly and precisely. Stay focused on your desire and refuse to give it up.
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    Four Types of Clutters

    1. Physical Clutter

    This constitutes piles of toys that never get played with, clothing that never gets worn, books that never get read, CDs that are never listened to, appliances that are rarely are never used and so on.

    2. Paper Clutter

    This is made up of piles of papers to be filed or recycled, unread piles of mails, magazines, schedules for events and activities that are no longer valid, and the like.

    3. Virtual Clutter

    Just because it is not taking up physical space that does not mean that it is not a clutter. Virtual clutter is in mail inboxes, unconnected computer documents, email messages, unwanted cellphone appointments and so on.

    4. Mental Clutter

    Any time you are feeling stressed, you are worrying, you are complaining, you are angry at someone and it is consuming your time etc then you are experiencing mental clutter. These clutters are very harmful. They suck your energy and reiki is very powerful tool to heal them.
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    The Quick Coherence Technique Step 1: Heart Focus

    Focus your attention on the area around your heart, the area in the center of the chest. If your prefer the first couple of time you try it, place your hands over the center of the chest to help keep your attention in the heart area.

    Step 2: Heart Breathing

    Breathe deeply but normally and feel as if your breath is coming in and out through your heart area. As you inhale feel as if your breath is flowing in through the heart and as you exhale, feel it leaving through this area. Breathe slowly and casually, a little deeper than normal. Continue breathing with ease until you find a natural inner rhythm that feels good to you.

    Step 3: Heart Feeling

    As you maintain your heart focus and heart breathing, activate a positive feeling. Recall a positive feeling, a time when you felt good inside and try to re‒experience the feeling. One of the easiest way to generate a positive heart based feeling is to remember a special place you have been to or the love you feel for a close friend or family member. This is most important step.

    This quick coherence technique is very useful when you feel a draining emotion such as frustration, irritation, anxiety or stress. This technique is very useful and it takes a minute. So use it any time anywhere. It creates positive changes in your heart rhythm sending powerful signals to the brain that can improve how you are feeling. This technique helps you create a coherence state offering access to your hearts intelligence and energy.
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    Akashic Records

    Akashic Records is the story about your soul as it travelled through its experiences both joyful and painful in all the states in between. Information from your past can help you in your present life time also. You can find answers to your current problems and commitments or discover tools to help you create the desired changes in your life.

    The term Akasha comes from Sanskrit language which means hidden library. This secret hall of records (known as Akashic Records) can be revealed by diving into the sub conscious mind in deep state of meditation.

    An Akashic Record is much more than a Psychic Reading, it is a glimpse into your soul path and destiny. We each have access to this information because we are each intimately connected to the Universe. Yet sometimes the mind becomes busy and blocks the connection to this infinite internal database.

    The Akasha is real. It is a sub atomic energy field of quantum particles and waves of information which are found within everything and everyone in this Universe. It is the informational highway that connects all people and all things.

    The Akashic field of energy is found within each situation you are in. Just stop and look within this experience. Go through and beneath your emotions and thoughts. Notice this consciousness that is here. We are all tightly woven into the Universal web of consciousness. This is the doorway into the Akasha. When we tap into and open this sub conscious connection, we can pull up specific information about any soul’s journey many places or time in history.
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    Scientific Facts about Affirmations and How to Make Them Work for You in Reiki

    We should consider following 5 scientific facts on the basis of which affirmations play magic in our life.

    1. Taking control of your thoughts consciously. Deep thinkers think around 50000 thoughts a day. The study show that majority of what people think is negative.

    2. Affirmations are the most direct way to tap into the laws of the universe. Laws of the universe like The Law of Attraction. It is the most powerful force in the Universe and simply means that you attract what you think about ‒ whether you want it or not.

    3. You can not make anything happen in the physical universe without having the consideration first. Affirmations are vital in that they are thought that comes before action.

    4. Affirmations give you confidence that you can tap into your power.

    5. Scientific basis in Quantum Physics‒what you think is what you manifest. Affirmations tap into that subatomic frequency because it’s putting quantum energy into your thoughts. It is bringing those vibrational frequencies together ‒ your thoughts and manifestation of them in the physical universe. Affirmations help you tap into the most basic source of creative power in the universe.
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    Ten Ways to Raise your Vibrations

    1. Gratitude: Gratitude opens your heart and connects and aligns your energy to that which you love and is good in your life.

    2. Suspend judgements: Judging yourself and another lowers your energy and separates you from love, trust and joy.

    3. Meditate

    4. Trust

    5. Honour your emotions

    6. Know you are in love

    7. Forgive yourself and others: It is the ultimate body‒mind‒soul detox.

    8. Have fun

    9. Love yourself and others

    10. Breathing ‒ Your breathing is an excellent way to get the energy moving in a higher vibrational way. Swing your arms and swinging your legs in a crosswise pattern. It is called a cross crawl. That is always moves your energy up the scale. Get more oxygen in, exhale deeply, circulate more blood to the brain. Vibe up. Now your have raised the energy and activated the attractive factor.
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    The Power of Asking

    There is a power inside you that is beyond anything that you have yet imagined. You have the ability to manifest anything that you want with pure love and effortless ease. There is no limit on what you can create into your life. You are unlimited, unbounded, pure potential energy. You can consciously attract any experience you want at any time. Yet when you are super specific about what you want and ask from a surrendered place that is free from lack, you are one step closer to becoming a manifesting master

    in Reiki. Remember people who ask confidently get more than those who are hesitant and uncertain. You should not send out desperate and needy energy into the universe. This panic shuts down your ability to receive. So the true energetic detachment is very very necessary in Reiki and you should transcend the needy grasping mind.
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    Communicating, Healing and Living with Angels in Reiki

    We all have angels surrounding us constantly and our higher self is united with these angels and with God. Our higher self is in constant contact with God and the angels through the one universal mind. Your angels will guide you in every matter including healing. Feel pleasure to contact with these heavenly beings as a Reiki Practitioner. Everyone has a guardian angel with no exception. Guardian angels should not be confused with spirit guides. A Spirit Guide is a living being who has lived upon the earth in human form. Spirit guides also act in the capacity of guardian angel but the main difference is that true guardian angels never walked as mortals upon the earth and they have a higher vibratory energy frequency. Angels are beings of light who respond to our calls for guidance assistance, protection, healing and comforts.

    Archangles: These are angels who supervise the guardian angels and angels upon the earth. An angle and archangels come to your assistance the moment you call them. Your request for angelic assistance should be very very sincere so that angels may appear in response to your call. There are four major archangels ‒ 1. The Archangel Michael 2. The Archangel Gabrial

    3. The Archangel Uriel 4. The Archangel Raphael whose name means God heals. Raphael is incharge of all form of healings.

    You can know that angels are near. You can feel their presence when you sense warm brush across your face, shoulders, hands or arms. You can also feel their hug and the air pressure that changes when they enter in a room. You can also hear the angel’s presence in a loving whisper. Quieting the mind is essential to hear angel’s messages. Clairaudience is one of four ways we receive angelic assistance. Your angels may speak to you in pictures and visual images because of this clairvoyance. Each of our five senses has a corresponding spiritual senses.

    Some ways to communicate with angels are : 1. Automatic writing 2. Dream 3. Divination tools 4. Oracle Cards 5. Pendulums. Ask your angels to tell you their names. You should also purify your thoughts, motives, actions, home, relationship and body. While dealing with angels people abuse alcohol and other drugs. Avoid ego ridden mind set people. Shield yourself with light and focus on love, light and truth. Supreme protector and guardian angel of the earth is Archangel Michael. You might feel Michael opening the top of your head the crown chakra area.
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    well. A good affirmation according to Covey must have five basic ingredients:

    1. It is personal

    2. It is present tense

    3. It is emotional

    4. It is positive

    5. It is visual
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    Laws of Cure

    There are three laws of cure. They are :

    1. A remedy starts from the top of the body and works downwards.

    2. A remedy works from within the body outward and from major to minor organs.

    3. Symptoms clear in reverse order of appearance.

    Application of three principles of cure means that you will feel better emotionally before you will feel better physiologically.
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    Aura Cleansing Methods

    Practise daily auric cleansing. After all, we wash our bodies everyday. So once we realise that our auras are energetic extensions of our bodies, it makes sense to cleanse them too. Some cleaning methods are as under:

    1. Singing Bowl

    Sounds have a great cleansing property. That is why bells were rung during religious and sacred ceremonies. Likewise, cleanse your aura using a singing bowl.

    2. Crystals

    Specific crystals may also be used in cleansing.

    3. Salt Bath

    4. Bach Flower Remedies

    There are 38 Different bach flower remedies. Several flower remedies are effective in auric cleansing. Crab apple is the best for your aura cleansing.

    5. Auric Brushing

    Use your hands to brush your aura and then dispose off the negative energy.

    Get into the habit of scanning your aura on a regular basis and learn strengthening your aura. Change your aura, change your life. Realise the healing power of aura.

    6. Smudging : How to do it

    Smudging is a way of using the smoke from burning herbs as a way to cleanse the body, and object or a given area of negative influences. Use smudging to cleanse crystals and use it also for protecting your room or home from bad vibe producing events. The three most used plant materials for smudging are 1. sage of all types 2. cedar and 3. sweet grass.
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    . Energy is one. Physical, mental, intellectual, spiritual and even sexual are also interrelated.

    4. There is difference of energy field by each side of the body. In general the left side is thought to hold female energy while the right side hold the male energy.

    5. the energy field produced by the heart is far more powerful than any one thought. Heart electromagnetic field is as much as 5000 times stronger than the field generated by your brain. Many of your so called mental problems like stress, frustration, anger, anxiety and depression are not the problems of the mind at all. They are the problems of emotional centre of the heart.
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    Reiki Morning Prayer

    Make a bow to the Sun two times.

    (In your heart, say two times, “Thanks to the God”)

    Clap your hands two times.

    (Purify the space around you)

    Say the Prayer three times HARAI TAMAE (Cleanse all)

    KIYOME TAMAE (Purify all)

    MAMORI TAMAE (Protect all)

    SACHI‒HAE‒TAMAE (Make all being happy)

    A‒MA‒TE‒RA‒SU‒OO‒MI‒KAMI (the Sun’s Mantra)

    Wish, if you have.

    Say three times

    KAMNAGARA TAMASHI HAEMASE (as the God wishes)

    Make a bow to the Sun one time.

    (In your heart, say one time, “Thanks to the God”)
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    1. Contracting the Hui Yin: At your perineum (the space between the genitals and anus) is a Chinese energy point called Hui Yin. To preserve more energy in your body and thus increase the level of Reiki energy follow these two tips :

    a. Squeeze you Hui Yin. When you squeeze your perineum, you will feel a stronger sense of energy in your palms.

    b. Keep your tongue on the palate of your mouth.
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    Third Eye Chakra
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    Ailments due to Chakra Blockages, Check up and their Activating Processes
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    Kirlian Photography

    The aura can be photographed

    Made up of layers

    Each person’s energy field is a unique signature of that person

    Auras can show how that person is; mentally, physically and emotionally

    An aura expands and contracts depending on how you are feeling
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    Human Aura

    The Aura is an invisible field that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body along with the Chakra system, Meridians and Nadi’s supplies our physical body with the Universal Life Force Energy. This is made up of much finer and lighter vibrations. It is most commonly called the aura, the auric field, or the human energy body. This energetic aspect of our Self can sometimes be seen by some clairvoyants and healers, who may see different colours in the energy field around a person.

    Anatomy of the Aura

    1. Shape of the Aura

    a. The Round shape (looks oval)

    b. The Square shape

    c. The Pointed Oval shape at both Top and Bottom

    2. Division of the Aura

    (a) Health division (b) Mental division (c) Emotional division (d) Magnetic division (e) Colour division (f) Spiritual division

    The Aura briefly consists of various layers of energy, which are vibrating at different rates, the closest level to the physical body the Etheric Level being of the densest vibration. These layers are known as :

    1. Etheric Body (Red)

    2. Emotional Body (Orange)

    3. Mental Body (Yellow)

    4. Astral Body (Green) This fourth body is the body where spirituality really starts.

    5. Etheric Template Body (Blue)

    6. Celestial Body (Indigo) &

    7. Ketheric (Violet)

    The seven chakras belong to men’s seven subtle energy bodies Generally, a distinction is made between:

    1. The Spiritual Aura which has a diameter of 15‒18 feet.

    2. The Mental Aura which has a diameter of up to 8 feet.

    3. The Etheric Aura which radiates from the physical body to a length of about 8 inches.

    4. The Aura can be photographed by the Kirlian Camera which was discovered by Semyon Kirlian of Russia in 1939.

    Since these auras overlap, it is not always possible to determine them individually.
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    There are three basic components of the human energy body‒ Aura, Chakras and Meridians. There are 35 meridians in traditional Chinese medicine. The 12 major meridians are each related to a specific organ in the body. They are not connected to the organ itself but instead to the function of the organ. So there are heart, lungs, kidneys, meridians and so on. We must know the lunar cycle of the body as well as the daily rhythm of the solar cycle. Energy is constantly flowing around your body and the flow of ki peaks in each of the 12 major organs for 2 hours each day as follows :

    1. Heart 11 am ‒ 1 pm
    2. Gall bladder 11 pm ‒ 1 am
    3. Small intestine 1 pm ‒ 3 pm
    4. Liver 1 am ‒ 3 am
    5. Urinary bladder 3 pm ‒ 5 pm
    6. Lungs 3 am ‒ 5 am
    7. Kidneys 5 pm ‒ 7 pm
    8. Colon 5 am ‒ 7 am
    9. Pericardium 7 pm ‒ 9 pm
    10.Stomach 7 am ‒ 9 am
    11.Triple heater 9 pm ‒ 11 pm
    12.Spleen 9 am ‒ 11 am
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    It is suggested for those who have difficulty sensing their own Reiki to do the following:

    While fully clothed, place your hands on your heart chakra, over your clothing.

    Take a deep breath and relax.

    Sit patiently in this position and set the intent to open your hands to channel Reiki to your heart (chakra). It is likely that you will need to sit patiently in this position much longer to feel the first sensations of Reiki ‒ possibly as long as 30 minutes.

    However, if you relax and allow it, it will flow! Then once you know exactly how your self‒Reiki feels, you will always sense it, and the response time will be faster each time.

    Before healing 1) Rub your palms together. 2) Press your palm chakras with the thumb of the other hand. 3) Press your finger tips against the finger tips of the other hand. 4) Cup your hands and place them on your knees with palms facing upwards. Keeping you eyes closed proceed as follows. 5) Create an imagination that you are breathing with your hands. This equips the hands to inhale more energy. 6) Think that the earth infuses energy through your legs. 7) Even joining both hands together can enable you to feel the magnetic rays between them. 8) Shaking hands and legs sideways and up and down respectively ensures the smooth flow of energy. 9) Rotating the hands left clockwise or anticlockwise and increasing the sensitivity of the right hand can be done, and this movement should be akin to a dance step.
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