Antón Gómez-Escolar

Essential guide to the Psychedelic Renaissance

In this book you will learn all the basics of psychedelics and why all this research is great news for public health in this century. After a very long and strange journey, psychedelics may finally be back for good.
Rick Doblin, PhD, Founder & Executive Director, MAPS.

In this guide you will learn all the essentials about the history, neuroscience, legality, therapeutic applications and harm reduction of the most promising psychedelic drugs for science. After decades of international prohibition these molecules are returning to laboratories and clinics, hand in hand with the most rigorous science, to revolutionize the way we understand and treat mental health (depression, anxiety, PTSD and addictions).
Discover the world of psilocybin, MDMA, DMT, ketamine and LSD, before society immerses in this revolution, which will forever change the perception we have of psychedelics.
This guide will be of interest to both therapists and other mental health professionals interested in the clinical applications, parents and educators seeking to understand the impact and safety of psychedelics and other drugs, as well as any adult curious to learn about and explore this new world of the psychedelic renaissance.
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