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Forex Trading

Forex Trading

Part 2: The Relevance of Time

In the first book of this series on Forex Trading, the time and price strategy was introduced. The second book will be a follow up and its main aim is to breakdown the concept of time in the easiest and most understandable way possible.

This book will include examples of each facet of time as discussed in the first book. This will give the reader a better understanding of the Time and Price strategy. Not every time is suitable for trading just because the market is open; the market has an opening time and a closing time. Especially in the foreign exchange market where the market runs for 24 hour a day 5 1/2 days a week it is important to know when to be in and when to be out.

If you understand the concept of time in trading it will be a huge improvement to your daily trading. You will understand why the big players enter at a specific moment in the market and when they stay out.


Chapter 1: The Day of the week is important

What to expect on Monday

What to expect on Tuesday

What to expect on Wednesday

What to expect on Thursday

What to expect on Friday

Chapter 2: The Trading Sessions

Asian Session

London Session

New York Session

London Close Session

New York Close Session

Chapter 3: Examples of Trades Taken using the Concept of Time On the Relevance of time in trading

About the Author:

Stanley Davies is a professional trader, technical analyst and a hedge fund manager. He has been trading for his clients for more then 20 years. In this series he reveals some of his best trading strategies.
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