Aiden Sisko

The Ultimate Guide on Developing Patience

Could you use more patience? Who doesnt? Conflicts can be minimized. Peaceful, harmonious co-existence, excellence at working together are just a few of the countless benefits in developing this important virtue!Sad;y, patience is one of the most undervalued, yet crucial personality traits. In many cases, the focus of individuals are now making a major shift. Many bosses give high praises to individuals who complete assignments within a very short period of time. Now, some are learning to value the slow, deliberate, careful and patient execution of tasks.  Adhering to the virtue of patience, can put you in a position to excel personally and professionally. You will have more triumphant stories to share with family,friends, and colleagues. This virtue can also help you get peace of mind and secure healthier relationships. You will also stand out to gain more success with your business or job. There are tasks, only the patient can do correctly. The rest, wouldnt see it through and try to find shortcuts, and other alternative ways that don't call on their need to be patient on the task at hand! This book is designed to help you gain a full understanding of why you should exercise patience daily. This book will also help you develop this invaluable quality within yourself, and those you care about! Inside you will learn:Table of ContentsIntroductionPart One: The Gift's of PatiencePatience Helps One Excel in Every EndeavorPatience Introduces Us to Harmony with the Cycles of NatureWe Can Make Better Decisions with the Aid of PatiencePatience is a Bridge to HopePatience Helps Us Live a Long and Stress Free LifePatience Helps Us Conserve Money, Energy, and TimePatience Helps Us Reach Our GoalsPatience Provides a Protective Barrier Against AngerPatience Gives Us More Empathy and Tolerance in LifePatience Helps us Have Better Romantic RelationshipsPatience Teaches Us About ParenthoodWe Can Learn About Receptivity Through PatienceCivility Can Always Be Found in PatienceOur Souls Grow With PatiencePart Two: Patience and AttitudeI Am a Student of LifePatience is a ChoiceThis Is Only TemporaryNever Devalue the Role of ScrewsWaiting is a Component of Being AliveBuying Your Way Out Is Not Always the Best Move to MakeWhy are You Rushing? Take Your TimeBoredom is Only in Our MindsDon't Forget Rule Number SixFocusing Out Is As Important Focusing InWhat Role Does This Play in the Larger Scheme of Things?We Are Only HumanSome Things Are Worth the Wait; Everything Will Always Work Out In Your FavorMore Than One Right Way ExistsEmbrace the Teachers of PatienceThere is a Time to Be Still and a Time to Move OnPart Three: The Solid Practices of PatienceMeasuring the Level of Your PatienceBe Alert in the MorningTake a Deep Breath; Keep Your Blood Sugar Level under ControlA Close Look at Road SageStorm Warnings for KidsYour Inner WisdomReconfigure the Situation; Search for Something Else to DoPractice With Older Parents and Elders; Your Heart Holds the ResponseYou Deserve a BreakIs This Thing Flying Well?Part Four: Twenty Powerful Patience BoostersPatience and Solid Tips That Can Help You Develop ItThe Advantages of Developing PatienceMore Solid Tips That Can Improve Your PatienceSet Aside Time for Developing PatienceSlow Your Life DownGet Into the Habit of Delaying GratificationLearn to Think Before You SpeakHere are several unique situations where you must exercise your patience:Increasing Your Level of Patience with Three Easy StepsDetermine Your Source of ImpatienceCreate a Realistic Plan of ActionIt's Time to Take ActionMake a Conscious Decision to Mature and GrowBe Mentally and Emotionally StrongLearn to Appreciate LifeStay in Touch With RealityResiding in the ParadoxAsk the Right QuestionsSleepAlways Acknowledge Your Higher PowerLet Go Of The PastBonus!
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