Kari Kilgore

The Fabulous Feats of Billy

Billy’s new tech start-up sits on the verge of greatness. A fantastic reward for leaving his rotten old job in the dust.

Until a miscalculation lands Billy in a nightmare.

And he only sees one way out.

Unfortunately Billy’s way out puts him squarely in cybercrime expert Dana Sanderson’s sights.

Will Dana catch him before it’s too late?

A Dana Sanderson Short Mystery

An excerpt from The Fabulous Feats of Billy:

The first line you cross is the easiest

Billy pulled the power cord out, running it idly through his fingers.

The lax security and asset tracking wasn’t all he knew about Gossalor.

He knew the yearly, quarterly, and monthly profit numbers for the place. They were nowhere near AllState or State Farm numbers, no.

But they were easily a thousand times more profitable than the amount Billy was pulling his hair out over.

And twenty-eight thousand wasn’t much, not really. Not compared to the settlements Gossalor paid out every single day. Many times a day. Paying out was part of doing business for them, and they clearly had plenty to spare.

Sometimes a gold-plated nest could do without a feather or two.

Especially if no one would ever be the wiser.
29 printed pages
Original publication



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