The Short Stories Of EW Hornung, EW Hornung
EW Hornung

The Short Stories Of EW Hornung

The Short Stories Of EW Hornung. The short story is often viewed as an inferior relation to the Novel. But it is an art in itself. To take a story and distil its essence into fewer pages while keeping character and plot rounded and driven is not an easy task. Many try and many fail. In this series we look at short stories from many of our most accomplished writers. Miniature masterpieces with a lot to say. In this volume we examine some of the short stories of E W Hornung. Ernest William Hornung was born in Middlesbrough England on 7th June 1866, the third son and youngest of eight children. Although spending most of his life in England and France he spent two years in Australia from 1884 and that experience was to colour and influence much of his written works. His most famous character A. J. Raffles, ‘the gentleman thief’, was published first in Cassell's Magazine during 1898 and was to make him famous across the world as the new century dawned. It is on this character that this volume is based. Hornung was also wrote a stage play about Raffles as was a gifted poet. Spending time with the troops he published Notes of a Camp-Follower on the Western Front during 1919, a detailed account of his time there. This was especially close to his heart as his son and only child only child was killed at the Second Battle of Ypres on 6 July 1915. Hornung died in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, in the south of France on 22 March 1921. Some of these stories are also available as an audiobook from our sister company Word Of Mouth. Many samples are at our youtube channel
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