Ren Ellis

Deleted Dreams

In Silver City, where no one has dreamed in a century, Derra Trice must choose whether to secure the life she longs for, or to awaken the dreamless city.

No one in Silver City dreams. If she could, Derra would dream of the day she joins the city's elite in the Ring of Radiance. Only then will she earn the right to feel anger, sorrow, elation, and love without pain or penalty. Until then, she must conceal such feelings and the unique ability that sets her apart: Derra can see someone's thoughts with the touch of her hand.

When the city's chief scientist seeks to exploit Derra's power, she gets the chance to have everything that she's ever wanted: her family's love, the job that she strives for, and even a life Matched to her best friend. All she must do is protect the system responsible for deleting dreams. But the people's dreams reveal a longing for life beyond what Silver City offers, and Derra's dreams unveil the dangers posed by her desires. Should she seek security in corruption, or risk the life she has wanted to set these dreams free?

What people are saying about Deleted Dreams:

★★★★★ “Ellis has built a world you can believe in from the very first pages. With genetic engineering and emotion control the norm, fans of Black Mirror will instantly be attracted to this futuristic drama.” — Tammy Ruggles for Readers' Favorite

★★★★½ “With remarkable world-building and creativity, as well as a deep focus on character depth and vulnerability, this book is electric and memorable. The boundless imagination is reminiscent of anime masterpieces, while the writing has glimpses of true brilliance, reaching the magical tone of Murakami.” — Self-Publishing Review
150 printed pages
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