Connor Whiteley

University Mental Health And Mindset

Everything requires a certain mindset and good mental health.

Psychology students need a mindset to thrive at university. You need to protect your mental health too. Students need both of these to thrive.

Written in an engaging, conversational tone bestselling author Connor Whiteley offers brilliant tips, advice and great information about university mindset and protecting your mental health.

If you’re looking for a great, easy read about the fascinating topic of university mindset and mental health for psychology students. You NEED this book!

University Mental Health and Mindset Includes


Part One: Mental Health

How To Maintain Mental Health For University Students?

How To Find Mental Health Support Services At University?

How To Prevent Loneliness At University?

How To overcome Imposter Syndrome?

How To Keep Yourself Happy During learning At University?

The Importance Of Feeling Good and Self-satisfaction In Learning

How To Deal With Stress And Anxiety When Waiting For Exam Marks?

Why Is Talking So Powerful So University Students?

Part Two: The University Mindset

The University Mindset

The Learning University Mindset

What Is The Improvement University Mindset?

The University Mindset And Reading

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