Nozomu Mochitsuki

Tearmoon Empire: Volume 7

Just as Mia’s getting ready to take it easy for a while, her old friend the great famine comes knocking again, this time in the form of a complete collapse of Forkroad & Co.’s business. Without their logistics, Mia’s famine prevention plan is now critically hobbled. You’d think surviving an assassination attempt would entitle her to some rest and recreation—so much for taking it easy!

As she investigates the source of all this, an old name from her past life resurfaces, along with a host of bitter memories associated with it—Shalloak Cornrogue, the Merchant King. Remembering the indignity she once suffered at his hands, a wolfish smile creeps across her face. No one picks a fight with Mia Luna Tearmoon and gets away with it. Not indefinitely, at least. Time for some payback.

Unbeknownst to her, said payback will take Mia all the way to Perujin, dragging in a multitude of people and culminating in a showdown that will change the fate of the entire country forever…
386 printed pages
Original publication
Publication year
J-Novel Heart
David Teng
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