Teeth, Edo van Belkom
Edo van Belkom


“I expect it to knock people’s socks off, the way Stephen King’s Carrie did . . . Teeth will haunt you for the rest of your life” (Robert J. Sawyer).
They think they’re getting lucky.
They’re dead wrong.
Detective Joe Williams has seen all kinds of murder scenes. Some brutal, some gory, all disturbing and horrific in their way. Nothing could have prepared him for what’s waiting in Apartment 413. A man—what’s left of him—lying in a pool of his own blood, his face frozen in a silent scream.
That’s just the first. Soon there are more victims, all male, all mutilated, seeming to have little in common except an agonizing death by castration. All of them went looking for pleasure. Instead they found a killer wreaking vengeance in the most bloodthirsty way. And the only clue Joe has found is a tiny, gleaming metal tooth . . .
Edo Van Belkom—winner of the Bram Stoker and Aurora Awards—delves into the heart of man’s most primal fear in a shocking, suspenseful, terrifying novel that bites down hard . . . and won’t let go.
“One of 2001’s best horror novels.” —Science Fiction Chronicle
Teeth works on several levels: as an over-the-edge contemporary horror novel, as a police procedural, and as a thriller. Edo van Belkom’s mastery of the art of storytelling is brought to bear on this unforgettable novel.” —Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo and Nebula Award–winning author
“Edo van Belkom drags us screaming into the maw of horror.” —Richard Laymon, international bestselling author
231 printed pages
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