The Bird of Time, Gavan Bromilow
Gavan Bromilow

The Bird of Time

A blockbuster of a story, The Bird of Time is a thrilling adventure set in India and Australia. A devastating natural disaster causes the earth to tilt on its axis putting South
and East Asia into the Arctic Zone. Australian ex-pat, Griffith Bolton and his partner
Rohini Sane, an Indian vet, are living on a farm on the Deccan Plateau when the disaster
happens. Instead of joining the fleeing masses, Bolton decides they should stay put until international rescue efforts have been launched. However, when aid fails to arrive,
Bolton finds himself leading a group in a thrilling bid to escape before the big thaw…
So begins a tale of desperation and death, siege and survival, jealousy and justice, that
culminates in peace at last in Pinjarra.
306 printed pages
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