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Paulo Coelho

Stories for Parents, Children and Grandchildren – Volume 2

“Stories for Parents, Children and Grandchildren” is a stroll through the universal traditions and legends, lulled by the unforgettable magic words “Once upon a time…”
This book by Paulo Coelho contains joyful, amazing and dramatic stories for readers of all ages. Most of them recount traditional legends and tales from many cultures. Included are also stories inspired by the author’s personal experience and episodes from the lives of celebrated names, as means of reflection.
72 printed pages
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    'Peace is not what we find in a place that is free of noise, problems and hard work; peace is what allows us to preserve the calm in our hearts, even in the most adverse situations. That is its true and only meaning.'
  • MashAnnhas quoted3 years ago
    You are in a city, along with a lot of other people, and it is highly likely that, at this very moment, various people are sheltering in their hearts the same hopes and anxieties that you are sheltering in yours.

    Let us go further: you are a microscopic speck on the surface of a ball. This ball spins around another ball, which, in turn, is located in one tiny corner of a galaxy along with millions of other similar balls.

    This galaxy forms part of something called the Universe, full of vast star clusters. No one knows exactly where this Universe begins and ends.

    This does not mean that you are not of vital importance; you struggle, you strive, you try to improve, you have dreams, you are made happy or sad by love. If you were not alive, something would be missing.
  • MashAnnhas quoted3 years ago
    God judges a tree by its fruits, not by its roots.

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