Steve Anderson

Are you?

Right from the moment that they first met, Steve and Lorraine shared a special magic. A magic that stayed with them as they journeyed life's road, attempting to satisfy their childish curiosities, and learning many of life's invaluable lessons along the way. As they grow older and move away from their hometown, their worlds separate and they lose touch, but the uncanny telepathic connection endures. Thirty years later, they are re-united. Their 'forever and ever' bonds forged in childhood re-awakened. Do they re-discover their childhood magic? Does 'forever and ever' really exist? Steve's masterful storytelling of a tale of love spanning four decades will have you weeping for the joy and tragedy of it all. And hopefully make you wonder and ask — Are you?

Steve Anderson was born in Scotland, in the 60's. He doesn't know where, when, why or how he will die. He calls the bit in between: Life. He is still living that. No doubt, it is, and will continue to unfold howsoever it is meant to be. Steve does believe in beauty, love and truth. He is one of those people who believe in the magic, wonder in the power of the Cosmos and its great eternal truth.
357 printed pages
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