Deena Shelby

Clean Eating

Clean Eating Clean Eating Recipes for a Healthy Clean Diet The clean diet plan has taken on many different shapes. Eating three meals a day, plus one snack is one version. Consuming nothing but vegetables and lean meat, while having 5–6 small meals per day, is another. This book will define clean eating as food was originally meant to be, healthy and nutritious. A diet should not turn into a full time job of hunting for the latest and greatest foods, or spending money on roots and herbs that just taste bad. A good, clean diet should consist of what is available in your area, learning what foods are causing weight gain and medical problems, and where to find substitutes, that are just as tasty. You may recognize a few recipes as ones that your grandmother prepared, when you were a child. The vast aromas that filled her home and the awesome flavors that tickled your palette, probably had more to do with the foods that she carefully selected, than her method of cooking.
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